One of the ways that people can replace missing natural teeth is using dentures. Shellharbour Dentists offer a natural looking solution in the form of modern, contemporary dentures. Ask any denture clinic and they’ll tell you that dentures aren’t without their disadvantages. However 21st century full or partial dentures can make a big difference to the lives of people with missing teeth.

Not only can missing teeth prevent a person from eating a healthy diet, missing teeth can also cause the facial muscles to drop making you appear older than your actual age. Modern dentures in Shellharbour have the ability to restore both function and form enabling you to eat and smile properly.

How Our Shellharbour Dentists dental clinic can help you?

After a consultation explaining the procedure, an impression of your mouth is taken to ensure your dentures at Shellharbour are perfectly tailored to your needs.

Next bite wax rims are placed in the mouth to establish the correct bite orientation (otherwise known as your occlusion). Our Shellharbour dentist will then colour-match your new denture to your existing teeth or in many cases, you can choose your preferred shade.

Then, all moulds are sent over to our preferred Wollongong based dental laboratory and are set in wax. This mock-up is then sent back to determine whether you’re happy with the look, fit and style. Once you’re happy, then you’ll have to wait 2 weeks or so, until you receive your your final completed dentures. Shellharbour patients will also be talked through how to care for them.

Denture repair in Shellharbour

In addition to fitting new dentures Shellharbour patients should know that through our preferred denture clinic we can also carry our denture repairs including relines, re-bases and chipped or missing restorations. So, whether you’re after the latest contemporary dentures – including implant-supported dentures for greater stability – or denture repair, Shellharbour dentists, in conjunction with our preferred denture clinic/lab have you covered.

If you are having trouble functioning with missing teeth, then come and talk to us about our state-of-the-art dentures, Shellharbour patients are often surprised at how lifelike they really look. Contact us today on (02) 4216 9911. We work alongside our chosen denture clinic to make quality and affordable restorations for your smile.

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